Olivia Cheng

Beginning this year, I had a goal set out when I came back from my trip to Thailand. That goal was to become a better cyclist with some intention to perhaps race/go on big rides. I didn’t have much guidance on where to begin, especially as a female cyclist so I did some internet research, went to an info session and inquired with other cyclists. The process was a bit daunting as you have physically and mentally commit to a schedule of training and getting out on the road. But I sought out to commit to this idea.

Around that time, I met the guys of Too Soon Junior and the babes of the On The Rivet Cyclewear Wednesday rides. The Women Crush Wednesday rides helped me meet other lady cyclists who just wanted to get out and have fun on their bikes. The TSJ rides were the ones where I found pushing myself to keep up when the guys, a good goal to always have. Both groups have shaped me into a better cyclist, achieve greater mental stamina and overall just make cycling fun when I’m not suffering.

Yesterday I did my longest ride to date with the intention of climbing up to Mt. Baker. The journey was amazing but I couldn’t have done it with the friends I cycled with or the encouragement of others. A big thanks to you all.