Women Crush Wednesday

12519450_467147276813395_1596213350_nEvery Wednesday a ride departs from the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood in the late afternoon to early evening.

Our main objective: FUN, because we all love to ride.
If you’re not having fun on your bike, we NEED to talk. More on that later…

Intensity & pace of the ride will be determined simply by those who show up. No rider will be left behind. However, we do intend to crush, so be prepared to push a bit – find your edge, get more familiar with it and take some steps beyond it. We know that one woman’s crush is another woman’s cruise so rides will regroup after big efforts & long climbs. Remember – above all, we will not be taking ourselves too seriously – this is not a race training ride.

Each week’s ride details will be posted on our Facebook page, and we will endeavour to do that Tuesday evening but sometimes it will be the morning of the ride, due to late breaking factors like weather. It will most often be a road ride, and occasionally it will be a dirtier ride through Stanley Park or UBC Pacific Spirit Park. As such, please arrive accordingly equipped.*

Exact meeting time & location will vary depending on the weather, hour of sunset, and truthfully, our whims. These same factors will play into ride duration as well, but expect 1.5 to 3 hours rolling, and optional post-ride libation and snack time, as you wish.

12918666_1561822487481429_1567390149_nMaybe we will meet at Matchstick to secure caffeination prior to departure. Perhaps we will meet at 33 Acres, to facilitate both those who desire caffeine and those who desire beer pre-ride (it happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Possibly we meet at Whole Foods (or Cartem’s) to secure cookie rations (or donuts) to fill jersey pockets. Mostly we will meet at onTheRivet and leave from there.

*If you want to know more about how to equip yourself accordingly, ASK! It’s one of our favourite things to discuss with newer cyclists – when we’re geared up properly we enjoy our rides so much more and that gets us STOKED to ride more, and we think it will get YOU STOKED TOO!

So please email us at womencrush@ontherivet.ca, come visit us at the shop to chat or show up to a ride and learn about it hands on. Worst case scenario, you meet & chat with some friendly women cyclists who can answer your questions & offer advice on how to improve the setup you’ve got, then maybe you join for part of the ride or resolve to join us the following week. Remember, it’s just riding bikes, simple and fun. Once you cover the relevant checklist items, bare necessities if you will, you can just show up to ride and forget about your worries and your strife!

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