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Argon 18 Subito E-Road (integrated) 2023 - SRAM Rival 22

Argon 18 Subito E-Road (integrated) 2023 - SRAM Rival 22

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Responsive, agile, and with impeccable handling, this is a performance road bike first and e-bike second - when you want that added rush. New Limits - or No Limits When you want to push yourself through that extra 50km, or take the steepest route to the top – and actually enjoy the views on the way up – or want to let go of the myth of the suffer-fest, this is your ride.

And with a sub-12kg bike that handles, fits, and responds at the top of its class, it may provide all that even without the assistance of the motor. But if you want that bit of extra tailwind, it’s ready for you. Ideal for those looking to level the playing field between friends, get back into the sport, or just want to stretch every ride as far as possible.

- Max Tire Size 650b x 45c (max width 47mm) 700c x 40c (max width 42mm)

- BB Standard PF86

- Ebikemotion X35+ System The ebikemotion system features a 36V / 250W hub motor installed in the rear wheel, with maximum torque at 40NM and maximum assistance speed 25 KM/h (EU), or 32 KM/h (North America). Integrated battery and cable routing - Clean design that considers user access and maintenance Clean integration of the HMI Button used for the control of the motor is neatly integrated in the extension of the 3D+ cap Integrated PAS sensor and cable routing Clean and intelligent integration

- an Argon 18 hallmark BB access port Easy access to the battery and cable routing Intelligent cable routing The motor cable is out of the way while wheel changes are also made easy


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