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Ass Savers

Ass Savers - Bro Tector Rear Fender Extension- Standard Black

Ass Savers - Bro Tector Rear Fender Extension- Standard Black

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The perfect mudflap extension for your rear mudguard!
Reduces rearwards spray
Fits all standard rear mudguards
Mounts with zip-tie or screws
Made from recycled plastic
Peloton friendly
The BroTector rear mudflap is not for you. It's for the friends that you cycle with or your child sitting in the trailer behind you. It's the ultimate altruistic cycle component that will get you new commuting friends and countless invitations to winter group rides.
The mudflap mounts to any standard rear mudguard with a single zip-tie. Just drill two holes at the desired height and zip it! Optional fixture with nuts and bolts possible (not included).
Looking for a matching mudflap for the front? Look at the ToeTector front extension  Measures: 86 mm x 380 mm
Weight: 21 grams
Material: 80% Recycled PolyPropylene
Fit The mudflap will fit onto all standard curved shaped full mudguards. Metal mudguards of alu or steel is preferable since some plastic mudguards can be difficult to drill. Prefolding As with all Ass Savers products, the prefolding should not be overlooked. The center fold of the mudflap will make it more stable and the backwards "smiley-fold" across the mudflap will provide better protection and make it more resistant to damage caused by ground interference. Mounting You need to drill two holes in your mudguard to fit the mudflap. Hold the mudflap in position to define the desired height. The closer to the ground, the better protection but make sure you don't risk getting it caught on curb stones and uneven terrain. The holes need to be along the centerline of the mudguard, spaced 25 mm apart. Take extra care to be sure that they align properly. Use a sharp pin tool to make a dent at the drilling spot to prevent the drill from wandering. This will ensure that the hole will end up at the right position. Use a 5 mm drill for the hole but after the drilling you can clean the sometime sharp edges of the hole by carefully turning a 10 mm drill by hand. Place the mudflap on the inside of the mudguard and thread the ziptie from the outside through the upper hole of the mudguard and mudflap before returning the ziptie through the lower hole and close it. Make sure you pull the mudflap all the way against the mudguard and you have a firm fit. If you have enough space between the tire and mudguard, we can recommend to thread the ziptie from the inside of the mudguard. This way you will hide the ziptie head for a more sleek installation. You can also use two nuts and bolts with washers as an alternative and more permanent attachment (not included).


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