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Bag Scicon Aerotech Evolution X Bike Black

Bag Scicon Aerotech Evolution X Bike Black

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Aerotech Evolution bike travel case provides excellent protection for your bike when you fly, is made in Italy with a proprietary DurAbs™ ABS composite material. Packing your bike is straightforward enough. Remove the wheels of your bike, rotate the handlebars down, remove the seatpost and one pedal opposite to the drive side and your bike frame will slide into the bike case with no problem. Suitable for road, triathlon and cyclocross bikes. If you have spent a significant amount of money on a delicate carbon bike and you intend to travel by plane, it’s definitely worth investing in a decent bike box. This one. Entirely Made in Italy High protection, lightweight and compact Suspended Frame System (SFS) holds bike frame Designed for air travels with road bikes Internal padded protection Disk and rim brakes ready Made out of proprietary ABS composite material Easy to carry - eight 360° wheels Travel Sentry® Approved - four security locks Over 30 spare parts and many accessories available


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