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Brooks C15 Cambium Saddle - Rust

Brooks C15 Cambium Saddle - Rust

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Influenced by Brooks' classic racing saddle, the Swallow, the C15 presents a slightly sportier shape and feel for those slightly shorter and faster dashes. Brooks Cambium saddles are hand made in Italy from natural rubber and organic cotton. Once the rubber base is shaped by hand, the cotton covering is placed on top and the two are vulcanised together to form a seamless finish. The rubber is then attached to a tubular steel frame and riveted with die cast aluminium. The C15 presents an overall slimmer saddle than the 17 models, with a thin nose for extra freedom of movement when pedalling. This also makes the saddle a bit lighter to help its rider get up to speed. Be under no apprehension however, the core aim of comfort is not disregarded and the Cambiums natural feel means its still enjoyable over long distances.


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