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Muc-Off, Tubeless Tag Holder, Black/Pink

Muc-Off, Tubeless Tag Holder, Black/Pink

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Discreet way to install an Apple AirTag inside your tubeless tire
Identify the location of a stolen bike, enabling the owner to alert local authorities for retrieval
AirTag is housed in a 3-part silicone and rubber tubeless valve mount
Sacrificial stem, ensures tracker and rim protection under impact
Silicone top cover protects tracker and internal plug reduces sealant ingress
Supplied with 3 pairs of our rubber valve bases to suit different rim profiles for the optimum seal
Note the Tubeless Secure Tag Holder can only be used in rear wheels – not for use on the front wheel
Compatible tire types:
MTB tyres (XC, Enduro Trail, Downhill)
Gravel Tires (the narrowest recommended tyre size is 38mm wide)


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