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Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 Triathalon Bike Bag Black

Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 Triathalon Bike Bag Black

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Aerocomfort 3.0 Triathlon represents the optimal solution for transporting Tri or Crono bikes by airplane without the need for disassembling handlebars, saddle, seatpost, and pedals. This ensures that no bike fitting measurements are lost. Sturdy and easy to use, the exterior contours perfectly match the bike frame, minimizing bulk. Crafted from 3D-Padding™ a padded triple-layer tear-resistant fabric, TwistZip™ Double Coil zipper. Internally, a built-in kickstand stabilizes the bike, preventing unwanted movement during transport, alongside two integrated wheel pockets. Endorsed by hundreds of Triathletes, it has proven its reliability through thousands flights per year. The Ironman's choice of traveling with the bike. Highlights High protection, lightweight and compact. Can be folded No tools required, it has two inner pockets for the wheels No removal of handlebars, saddle, seatpost, pedals Designed for air travels with Tri or TT bikes Stable and safe. The bike is fixed on a kickstand and straps Disk and rim brakes ready Made from tear-resistant, padded, triple-layer material Easy to carry - eight 360° wheels and multi handles Travel Sentry® approved - Double Coil zipper Over 30 spare parts and many accessories available


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