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Soma:: Porteur Front Rack Aluminum (Black)

Soma:: Porteur Front Rack Aluminum (Black)

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The Aluminum Porteur Rack is a great option over the standard pannier rack or mini rack. With its wide platform, it is better at carrying odd-sized and bulky loads like a pizza or box full of kittens. You can strap a basket it and some bag makers are making bags specifically for this style of rack. –

-The rack has a 12 x 14.2″ platform.

– This updated version has attachment points for mini rack eyelets for added stability and safety (bikes do not have to have mini rack eyelets to use this rack)

– Rack is height adjustable and mounts to the axle,but there is a workaround if you want to attach it to the fork tip eyelet.

– The horizontal strut under the platform will fit a Zimbale or Carradice roll bag and perhaps a pannier with narrowly space hooks.

- 10kg max load capacity

- Weight approx 794g with hardware


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