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Squeezy Liquid Energy Gel 500ML- Refiller- Cola/Caffeine

Squeezy Liquid Energy Gel 500ML- Refiller- Cola/Caffeine

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The combination of refiller (500ml) and dispenser (125ml / 150ml) is the cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to the gel sachets and guarantees gel consumption without sticky fingers. With the large refiller, the dispensers cleaned with hot water can be refilled as often as you like.
Our tip: order one or two dispensers and in the future
only Energy Gel and/or Liquid Energy Refiller.
Complex and high-quality carbohydrate mix for multi-stage energy release.
Reliable supply of carbohydrates and minerals
Quickly usable, very well compatible with very stomach and without renals ingredients.
Vegan, lactose, gluten, artis. Sweet and colorants and fructose (Caffeine Boost).
With sodium and potassium
*The open refiller keeps itself cooled for up to 6 months under optimal circumstances, provided it is not contaminated by germinated hands, mouth etc. We recommend consumption within 4-6 weeks.
Each product contains several sources of carbohydrates, timed to provide the body with energy in the short and medium term, as well as salt and potassium to replace the loss during sweating.
Delivering 21g of carbs/gel (33g gel)
Designed to be consumed with 150-250mL of water or liquid to maintain the correct concentration in the stomach and to maximize absorption


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