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Squeezy Liquid Energy Gel - Lemon/Caffeine - Single

Squeezy Liquid Energy Gel - Lemon/Caffeine - Single

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Squeezy Liquid Energy

Squeezy Liquid Energy is based on Squeezy energy gels, but does not require you to drink water. The aqueous energy gel solution is easy to consume and uncomplicated to use, even under maximum stress during training and competition.
With a higher water content than pure Energy Gel, Liquid Energy has slightly lower energy content. Recommended at 3 liquid gels per hour, athletes can consume up to 4 gel bags/hour. Combining it with Energy Gels is seamless.

Isomaltuloses in Liquid Energy make it suitable for athletes that are lactose intolerant or have coeliac disease. For those with fruit intolerance, compatibility should be checked in small quantities. Following a philosophy against artificial and unnecessary ingredients, our formulations prioritize stomach compatibility.
The products are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, without artificial sweeteners and colors, and optionally without fructose.
At a glance:
- Complex and high quality carbohydrate mix for a multi-step energy release
- Reliable supply of carbohydrates and minerals without rehydration
- Quickly digestible, well tolerated by the stomach and without dispensable ingredients - Vegan, free from lactose, gluten, artificial sweeteners and colors
- With sodium and potassium
Delivering 19.8g of carbs/gel (60ml gel) calories = 80


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