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Vittoria Terreno Dry 700x38 (40-6220 Folding Black

Vittoria Terreno Dry 700x38 (40-6220 Folding Black

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The adventure tire for dry gravel
Long-ranging escapes and multi-day bikepacking tours mean solitude, and solitude requires self-reliance. Tubeless tires aren’t always the most convenient in that case, so the Terreno Dry tube-type clincher reduces the cargo necessary for repairs to spare tubes and a hand pump.
Like the tubeless variants, the Terreno Dry clincher spins up fast and rolls with aggression over everything from packed fire roads to loose gravel and dry turf. Though the terrain may be jarring, the gradual transition from the center strip to the shoulder knobs means that leaning into turns isn’t. No bump up or awkward transition, just cornering as smooth as the gravel allows.
The Terreno Dry’s Graphene-infused compound is more durable, faster, and lighter than rubber alone, and it’s reinforced with the ultra-durable, supple Endurance nylon casing with additional layers of puncture protection on the center strip and side walls. The revolutionary fish scale tread pattern is smooth on straightaways and bites while cornering and braking.


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